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? Are you putting so much effort to build and execute a content marketing plan ? We know, the resources gathered to deliver engaging activities are just simply overwhelming. The time and effort that B2B event businesses have to put, especially during these times of worldwide lockdowns, is huge. Nevertheless, B2B event leaders need to know that the basis of their social selling and the income they generate from LinkedIn, hangs upon their content.

This video also answers the following questions:

? How often should you post on LinkedIn?
? How often you should post when you just start to build your online community?
? What happens when you stop your content posting? What effect does it have on your sales?

Answering question on this video:

?️Ashanti Bentil-Dhue: she is a social extrovert and has been doing a lot of testing on the subject; she has come up with a framework that works.

?️Daniele Moreschi: a LinkedIn social extrovert and he will be sharing his journey and the excellent positive results he has been getting lately.

? And our co-founder and director, Ricardo Molina.

Do you have questions? No worries just leave them as comments and we’d be happy to answer them.

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