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? Probably, when you start selling your event on LinkedIn, you will start putting a lot of pressure on users that you just don't know well. Generally, users will push you away, and that's because you have not learned yet how to social engage with your community to social sell.

You need to build high visibility, where you will find insightful outcomes, build a strong network but most importantly, you need to build relationships. If any of this does not happen before, your chances to meet your sales quota are going to be low. At the same time, you probably have worked very hard with your B2B event marketing team on creating a solid content marketing strategy aligned with your branding. So how to juggle these two aspects?

This video extract from the longest webinar session will teach you

✔️How to approach your direct messages on LinkedIn.
✔️How to build trust before going direct on your proposals.
✔️How to engage with other key business users.

Responding to these questions, we have had as panellists:

?Ashanti Bentil-Dhue: she is a social extrovert and has been doing a lot of testing on the subject; she has come up with a framework that works.

?Daniele Moreschi: a LinkedIn social extrovert and he will be sharing his journey and the excellent positive results he has been getting lately.

Do you have questions? No worries just leave them as comments and we’d be happy to answer them.

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